Backend as a Service + AI

Low-Code Distributed Backend Platform for Web and Mobile Applications with SQL Query, Workflow Engine, Artificial Intelligence, and Middleware APIs

Why Backend as a Service?

It can speed up the software development time and save money.

Web and mobile apps require a similar set of features on the backend. Incorporating each feature into an application can be time-consuming and complicated for developers. BaaS providers form a bridge between the frontend of an application and various cloud-based backends via a unified API and SDK. Providing a consistent way to manage backend data means that developers do not need to redevelop their own backend, it is potentially saving time and money.


ARDVRO provides powerful APIs to minimize coding effort in developing and integrating applications.

Furthermore, under the hood, ARDVRO is built with a combination of Distributed Architecture and Microkernel Architecture which easy to scale out and add new modules without downtime. With ARDVRO, you can focus on the frontend and we will handle the backend.


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